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Small Business Payroll Services Fresno, CA

Kerr Payroll services in Fresno, CA knows that every small business has unique challenges. In today's competitive environment small businesses need for affordable partnerships and a reliable back office has never been greater. Kerr Payroll in Fresno CA is geared towards making small businesses mightier and more efficient.


Are you still using a DIY payroll software or perhaps your using a national payroll company who is charging you undisclosed fees or just way too much? Our small business payroll solution might be the perfect solution.

Simple Payroll, Great Service, Great Price! Experienced Payroll Professionals

You don’t want just any payroll solution. You want trust, affordability and reliability.

With Kerr Payroll, you can:

  • Run payroll faster in just a few clicks, on desktop or mobile.

  • Have taxes calculated, deducted and paid automatically.

  • Get answers 24/7 — from experienced payroll professionals.

  • Have quarterly and annual reporting done for you.

  • Integrate time tracking with payroll.

  • Integrate with Workers Compensation, Employee benefits and 401(k), SIMPLE Plan or pension plan deductions.

Option One

Option one includes our stand alone payroll service that includes 24/7 online access, payroll reporting, tax calculations, deduction summaries, back office payroll runs through Kerr Payroll services and more. Option one is best suited for any business just needing a reliable and affordable payroll service with no additional service integrations. Ideal for a small business with one to 10 employees.

Option Two

Option two includes all of option one withe the added benefits of discounted service offerings including any combination of one or more of our service offerings.


Additional services include:

  • Workers compensation

  • Business owners policy (BOP)

  • General Liability

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Retirement plans

  • Employee Benefits


Option two is best suited for any growing employer needing an inclusive platform for all of their services, a business wanting to start a retirement program and with greater than 10 employees. 

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