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About Rebecca Kerr

Rebecca started her professioanl career in hospitality as a General Manager for the Picadilly Hotels. While working in hospitality she attended Fresno State University and completed their accountancy Bachelor's degree program. Rebecca Co-founded the Kerr Companies in 2010 and today manages over $8,000,000 in insurance premium across 1,000+ customers in the Fresno and California region. 

Rebecca  is an expert in insurance contract language for various industries and regularly advises clients on contract language, coverages and risk management. Her intense ability to examine insurance contract legalese language makes her sought after from by clients, attorneys and our insurance agent's. 

Aside from contract language Rebecca is intimantly involved in industry changes, laws and loss control prevention techniques and has strong personal relationships with over 100 insurance companies, middle market wholesalers and self insured insurance markets. Rebecca is truly in a league of her own and it stands out with a 98% retention rate that every day insurance agents just cannot compete with.

Rebecca is married to her husband Andrew and they have two children, two horses, seven chickens, 5 goats and a love for the outdoors, traveling and spending quality time with family and friends.

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