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HVAC Insurance for HVAC Contractors Fresno, CA

Even the most detailed plans in your HVAC business can sometimes go awry. Heating and Cooling professionals can look to Kerr Insurance Brokers in Fresno, CA to build custom coverage to protect projects from the ground up.

What should HVAC professionals consider when choosing business insurance protection?

Whether a simple or complex project, HVAC professionals want to know that their insurance carrier has a solid foundation on which to build. With Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. they can expect specialized underwriting from leading insurance companies, solid financial strength, market leadership and personal service.

HVAC Insurance Coverage Considerations

  • Coverage for most classes of HVAC business, including sub-trades and supply accounts.

  • Specialty general liability protection for well-run businesses in tough industries that find needed coverage is often hard to place.

  • Highly flexible contractor’s equipment policies with customizable options


Learn more about HVAC Insurance
To learn more about our HVAC insurance options, select a division below to see its specialized products and services.


Writes a wide range of surety products, including standard contract surety, commercial surety and miscellaneous non-contract surety and small fidelity bonds.

Property & Inland Marine

Offers specialized insurance solutions to clients with monoline property and inland marine coverage needs in a variety of industries.

Work Comp

Provides exceptional workers compensation rates from over 100 A and A+r

Certified Payroll

Get certified payroll from Kerr Payroll Solutions. Remain DIR and DOL compliant at rapid speed and affordable prices.

HVAC Contractor Insurance Coverage Information

HVAC Contractor Insurance locally in Fresno, CA and throughout Clovis, Merced, Modesto, Reedley and Selma CA. Kerr Insurance also provides insurance to HVAC Contractors throughout California.


Heating, ventilation & air conditioning contractors install, service, and repair air filtration and ventilation or airflow units within a building or structure, including vents, ductwork, and airshafts. Ventilation keeps interior air circulating and controls or removes moisture or unpleasant odors. While ductwork may be fabricated on site, measurements are generally taken and the ductwork is fabricated at the shop or by a third party, then returned for installation.

Contractors may also sell the units they install, or dismantle and remove outdated systems into component parts for salvage or disposal. They may install, service, and repair air conditioners. While air conditioning units are normally electric-powered, they are charged with different coolants, some of which may be quite hazardous.

While you're adept to the never-ending challenges that come along with your industry, what happens when the unexpected arises? Injuries, property damage, and malfunctioning equipment are just some of the emergencies that can happen. Unless you're prepared, these situations could end up putting you in a serious predicament. So then how can you prepare yourself for the unexpected? By carrying the right HVAC contractor insurance coverage.


HVAC contractor insurance protects your heating, ventilation & air conditioning business from lawsuits with rates as low as $35/mo.


Get a fast quote and your certificate of insurance now.

How much does HVAC Insurance Cost?

The average price of a standard $1,000,000/$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance policy for small HVAC contracting businesses ranges from $32 to $65 per month based on location, size, payroll, sales and experience.

Though you may be skilled and knowledgeable, there's no way to predict when problems will occur. You - or one of the worker's you employ - could damage a client's property; your commercial property could be damaged in a storm; a vendor could be hurt on your property, or an employee could sustain an injury. Those are just a few of the unexpected situations that could arise.

In any of these circumstances, you could be held liable. For instance, if someone is injured on your commercial property, not only would you be responsible for that person's medical bills, but if he or she filed a lawsuit against you claiming negligence, you could also be looking at costly legal fees.

With the right HVAC contractor insurance, you won't have to pay for the costs associated with an emergency situation out of your own pocket. In other words, insurance will protect you from financial devastation.

What Type Of Insurance Should HVAC Contractors Have?

There are several types of insurance policies HVAC contractors should carry, including the following:

Commercial General Liability: At the bare minimum, an HVAC contractor should invest in a commercial general liability policy. This type of insurance safeguards you from third-party injuries, third-party property damage, installation and repair problems, and moisture damage, just to name a few things. For instance, if an employee damages a client's home or business while installing a ventilation system, you are responsible for the damages. A commercial general liability policy will cover the costs of those damages so that you don't have to end up paying for them out of your own pocket.

Commercial Property: You should also consider carrying a commercial property insurance policy. This type of insurance covers the physical structure of your business, as well as the contents inside. For instance, if a tree crashes down on your business and damages the property, as well as equipment inside, a commercial property insurance policy will help pay the repairs to your building. It will also cover the replacement cost for the damaged equipment.

Errors and Omissions: Also known as professional liability insurance, errors and omissions (E&O) insurance will protect you and your employees against any negligent claims that your clients may make. If you did not properly correct an issue with a cooling system and the customer's property was damaged as a result, he or she may decide to file a lawsuit against you, claiming negligence. Your professional liability policy would cover legal fees, including attorney and court fees, as well as any settlement that may be awarded.

Workers Compensation: If you employ a staff, workers' compensation insurance is an absolute must. It covers your HVAC contracting business from liability that may be related to injuries and illnesses that affect your employees while they are working. If a piece of heavy equipment falls on a worker during the installation of a ventilation system and the employee sustained an injury, workers comp would cover the cost of medical care. It can also assist with missed wages while he or she is recovering.

What type of insurance does HVAC Contractors need?

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