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Energy, Gas and Oil Insurance Fresno, CA

From gas to electric, windmills to solar panels, the energy industry keeps our world moving. Kerr Insurance Brokers knows energy companies need to make sure that the equipment, employees and vehicles that help power our communities don’t short circuit.

From gas stations, transportation, solar farms and petroleum handlers Kerr Insurance can insure all aspects of your business.

What should energy companies consider when choosing insurance protection?
Whether a powerplant causes pollution or a construction worker is injured while installing renewable energy equipment, Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. offers solutions to meet the energy industry’s needs.

Energy Insurance Coverage Considerations

  • Coverage for bodily injury, property damage, legal expenses and building-related clean-up costs resulting from pollution.

  • Protection from construction risks that occur on energy facilities.

  • Specialty general liability protection for well-run businesses that find needed coverage is often hard to place.

Learn more about Energy Insurance Coverage

For more information on our coverage options for energy sources, select a division below to see its specialized products and services.

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