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Small Business Janitorial Insurance

Insurance for Janitors, Maids and Other Cleaning Businesses

Kerr Insurance Brokers, Inc. has specialized in the commercial and residential janitorial business for over 10 years.


At Kerr Insurance we make buying business insurance stress-free and low cost for all your janitorial, maid, or cleaning services insurance needs, including:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Business Owner's Policy
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • SPICE Endorsement
  • Janitorial / Surety Bonds
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance

Commercial General Liability for the Janitorial Industry

The purpose of Commercial Liability Insurance is to protect your business in the event that someone claims that you or your business practices caused them significant property damage and bodily harm. Should the alleger choose to pursue compensation or a lawsuit, the Commercial General Insurance pays for the cost of litigation, reimbursement fees, and medical costs.


For example, if your client claims that your employees lost keys to their building, broke a light fixture, or caused a customer to slip and fall on a wet floor, they will pursue your business for compensation.


Our General Liability Insurance covers damage to your clients' property while it is in your care. Coverage extends to the replacement of locks and keys if necessary.


The parameters of this policy also apply to your own offices, not just to your clients' locations. If your business works extensively with toxic materials, you may want to add our extra Accidental Pollution Insurance coverage.

Business Owners Policy

If your business is considered low-risk and meets certain other eligibility requirements, you may be able to save money by purchasing a Business Owner's Policy (BOP). The BOP bundles General Liability and Property Insurance into a single policy for less than you'd pay for the two policies individually.


BOPs were specifically designed for small businesses, so be sure to ask your insurance agent whether you qualify.

Workers Compensation

Your employees could be exposed to a variety of risk exposures including fall hazards, toxic cleaning chemicals or pesticides, bio-hazardous waste, heavy lifting, and other potentially harmful exposures. Workman's Compensation Insurance funds your employees' medical costs and some of their lost income in the event that they suffer a work-related ailment. Numerous states require cleaning services businesses to provide Workers' Compensation Insurance for their employees. Workman's Compensation Insurance also covers you as a business owner in the event that you suffer financial losses as the result of a job-related injury.


Kerr Insurance Brokers Workers' Compensation policies come with Employment
Practices Liability Insurance to protect your business against litigation should your employees claim wrongful employment practices, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Cleaning Professionals

If you have a vehicle licensed in your business name or your use a personally owned vehicle to get to and from job-sites, Commercial Auto Insurance (for business-owned vehicles) or Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance (for personally owned or rented vehicles) can protect you. Most personal auto policies don't protect drivers for business-related accidents.